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Harbinger of death, illness or misfortune, vampires wandering at night, there are several myths and legends about the chiroptera (bats). Have you ever heard of the horrible creature Nosferatu? Start by taking a picture with this famous film character, half man, half bat, created in 1922 in the German silent film «Nosferatu the Vampire», directed by FW Murnou.

The truth is that in Portugal, for example, these animals of silent and discreet life are essential for the control of plagues and, like other animals all over the world, are also endangered.

Nothing better to understand these two winged mammals than live some exciting experiences, such as hanging upside down, increasing the hearing ability, being guided by sound alone or sharing a room with a thousand tiny companions.

In the exhibit Quiroptário you can also learn more about the habitat of bats and other wildlife species that share the same shelter.


Câmara Municipal de Alcanena Agência Ciência Viva Instituto da Conservação da Natureza e das Florestas Instituto Politécnico de Leiria